Home BLOG Products Online Courses Videos About Support Search. As you stated, however, theres a place for timed static contractions in exercising people who have certain limitations. Ray Mentzer's Mr. America Pec Routine Ray Mentzer Workout Here are some excerpts, from a 1979 interview where Ray talks about his workouts leading up to his Mr. America victory. In a local physique contest, however, Hutchins would have been pressed to finish in the top 10 (just kidding, Ken). Drew Baye: How is your book, The New High-Intensity Training, different from other HIT books, such as those written by John Little, Stuart McRoberts, Brian Johnston, and Matt Brzycki? The Ray Mentzer story is one of success, but also tragedy. Jones applied this concept frequently in the early 1970s, but seldom mentioned it in his writings and lectures. I dont believe Casey ever got his muscular, competitive body weight above 220. Some years ago, I saw all the records Jones kept from training Casey during 1970 and 1971. So he hired Mike and Ray Mentzer in early 1983 with the notion that they'd come in and make a big . For those recommendations to come close to producing maximum results, the trainee would have to extremely big, strong, and advanced. All it takes to get bigger and stronger, Miller says with his friendly demeanor, is an understanding of weight-training basics and hard work.. Ellington Darden: I like SuperSlow. Published in the October 1971 Ironman, Viator's routine hit the bodybuilding world like a tsunami: three whole-body workouts per week, 20 all-out reps per set, sometimes only one set of an exercise and always very few working sets per bodypart. In this interview the author of the best-selling Nautilus book series retraces his early training days with Arthur Jones and Casey Viator and talks about some of the golden-age bodybuilders who inspired him. Squats 1 Set x 6-8 Reps. iii. Today, that percentage of involvement has shrunk by half, which leaves approximately 8 percent. But I heard about his visit from Jones, Viator, and Larry Gilmore. There is nothing wrong with repeating things other people have said if those things are right, if you give credit where credit is due, and if you are adding value to it or making it accessible or understandable to a new group, and Ell accomplishes all of these with his books. Press Behind Neck. He built a super, heavy duty hydraulic with a control that a training partner could operate. It was during this project, which continued for four years, that Hutchins tested and applied the initial SuperSlow protocols. Viator lived nearby so Lerille invited him over to talk with Jones and go though a workout. 2021 Drew Baye. Mike himself trained three times a week with 30-minute workouts . Drew Baye: In your book, you discuss the importance of negative work in building muscle. Also I put Steve Reeves through a workout in 1978, as well as Frank Zane and Bob Guida. Ken was sitting next to me and we began sorting through our strength-training slides, since we had both given talks using a 35mm-slide projector earlier in the day. Likewise, the indirect effect ought to be greater as well. And yet, Ellington Darden, Ken Leistner and Peary Rader have watched hundreds of men and women gain real muscle that was impossible for them to build before training harder and briefer. Egad! Ray and his teammates would move incredibly heavy objects while taking a lot of pauses. Homemade Salsa, Fresh Toppings, Make Mango Ginger Rice Bowl, Tasty And Delightful, How To Make Caramelized Onions, Sweet, Delicious, How to make Reuben Egg Rolls at home? We never heard from him. Forced negs had the same effect. It was the essential basic Heavy Duty routine consisting of four to five sets per bodypart and broken into two workouts. Then his brother died two DAYS later at age 47. The man seemed to project a mesmerizing spell on us and we soon found our heads nodding to concepts that were directly against what we believed. Do Your Hormones Affect Weight Gain and Loss. To this day, Im a firm believer in strength training the neck, for both athletes and nonathletes. (By the way, I agreed with Mikes assessment.) We can thank Arthur Jones for that. Drew Baye: In your book, you also mention Mikes younger brother Ray. It was about 20 degrees outside and the Atlanta airport was the middle of an ice storm, so all flights were delayed. She was intending to do a series of instructional videotapes and wanted to check out the studios in Lake Helen. Life is too short to be small. The primary reason I wrote The New High-Intensity Training was to help bodybuilders learn how to train, and more importantly, how to train themselves. That fourth repetition will be a bear, but you should be able to finish it which will build your confidence for your next workout. This was largely because of his new training regimen, Heavy Duty Training, which was developed by Mike Mentzer, his older brother by 21 months. Ellington Darden: I cover some similar topics, such as intensity, form, and progression. Ellington Darden: Ray did have a sense of humor and he often had a joke up his sleeve. I once read about Ray Mentzer training legs once a month! Mentzer's heavy-duty training system. Ellington Darden: Yes thats precisely what we were thinking. Copyright © 2001-2020 BodybuildingFanatic.com. But since Hutchins had his back toward me, it was difficult to gauge what was happening on Kens side. Ellington Darden: I was a fan of Mikes books, especially the ones that chronicled his training for the 1978 Mr. Universe and the 1980 Mr. Olympia. Coe had more flat, oval-shaped, peaked upper arms than did either Viator or Oliva. Mike and Ray are genetic oddities, and I never imagined theyd turn out the way they did. In peak condition, Caseys right arm was 19-5/16 inches, Olivas was 20-1/8 inches, and Coes was 18-7/16 inches. Created by, Ray Mentzer Diet Plan, Workout Routine, Exercise, Body Measurements, - Rate us if you are a Food Lover (Sugarzam.com). Not only was Dr. Darden kind enough to do an interview for this site, he also lent me a recent draft of The New High Intensity Training, which Ive read three times already. . Mentzer died on June 10, 2001 in Rolling Hills, California. Being 32, super busy, getting little sleep and working so much did not help. Workout 1 of Mentzer's Routine Leg Exercises. Ray would throw Saturday night squat parties every Saturday night. Ray kept up his arduous training in 1983 while utilizing different programs. He ate a well-balanced diet that included foods from many dietary groups, such as grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, and healthy fat sources, as opposed to focusing solely on proteins. In two weeks, Caseys body weight was up to 210 pounds. But I dont think Arnolds triceps, nor forearms, were in the same category as Viators, Olivas, and Coes. . The New Bodybuilding for Old-School results is sold out, but we can point you toward . Rest 2 minutes And what growth isn't created by direct arm work is induced by the indirect effect of torso work. And it can still be accomplished without drugs today. If you have not developed the metabolic conditioning to follow these routines, then back off. Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty Workout Is One of the Hottest Topic in Bodybuilding. I remember one day, we had Casey on the duo-squat machine and our goal was 20 reps with each leg, which would be more than hed ever done with us training him. At about the same time, he hired Kim Wood to take charge of the Quonset Hut workout room at DeLand High School, where all the training occurred. With Flanagan and me pushing him, hed have stopped at 20. By age 15 he weighed 165 pounds and could bench press 370 pounds. Friday MIKE MENTZER: "MY HEAVY DUTY WORKOUT ROUTINE" John Little 20.8K subscribers 67K views 9 months ago In this presentation, recorded in 1990, Mike Mentzer reveals the program (exercises, sets,. all at 19 years of age. It was starting to become a sideshow then. You can make it work for you. Breakfast. Flat dumbbell fly (5 sets, 8 reps) 5. While Mike Mentzer was serving in the US Air Force, he would work 12-hour shifts, and then follow that up with 'marathon workouts', as was the accepted standard in those days. While a very high level of strength is possible without equipment, I do not believe ones optimal level of strength can be attained without some kind of external resistance, or as quickly. Ellington Darden: Actually, I understated the time period. Studies since then have confirmed much of what Jones believed concerning negative work. Perhaps during the early 1970s, when he was training so many bodybuilders, it was simply easier to drive home intensity, than be so concerned with form. Arthur told Ray to put on his brightest, horizontal-striped shirt (he didnt want Martina to miss him) and be sure and drive the old, unwashed, company car, which had a broken air-conditioner (that meant hed have to roll down all the windows so air could circulate). Chin - 6 day rest - Day 2. Instead, the book was assigned to Carol Angstadt, of Rodales womens publishing group, who had never before been involved with a bodybuilding book. One of the most intense training regimes out there for bodybuilding is known as the "Heavy Duty" method. Harder, briefer exercise helped create larger, stronger muscles. I dont know what went wrong., New High Intensity Training Book Differences. Crenshaw had 18-inch upper arms and 15-inch forearms, which were mighty impressive; but even more impressive was his neck, which must have measured at least 20 inches. Family, Partner, Biography, Easy easy to make Popcorn Shrimp (Perfectly Tender and Crispy), Who is Tiya Sircar? Someone somewhere should be doing a large-scale research project to help us understand more about their place in short- and long-term exercise. During one of my stopovers in 1970, I introduced Hutchins to several Nautilus-styled HIT routines and I could tell he was impressed. Assuming you understand the meaning of deep commitment and very hard work, that routine will guide you to significant gains. I never witnessed anyone else get a single rep with the entire stack and there were a lot of big, strong athletes who tried. Actual experience on this routine will reveal a growth-indicating pump in the upper arms and forearms every workout. The exact physiological processes aren't completely clear, but what happens on a muscle-training level is clear. Mike's younger brother Ray Mentzer (Mr. America 1979) discovered Mike's dead body. As HIT decreased its following from 16 to 8 percent, high-volume training (HVT) increased its numbers from 16 to 24 percent. The video, available on Youtube, shows Mike and his brother Ray, train Markus Reinhardt at the Angel City Fitness gym in Los Angeles. Or a training partner with a watch can talk your through each phase. He achieved the same in the AAU Mr. America competition one year later. Question: Given your disdain for slow rep training, why did you not ask Dr. Darden specific questions as to why he felt slow training was so beneficial (which he does). Jones had driven from his home in Lake Helen, Florida, to Los Angeles and on the way back he stopped by Red Lerilles gym in Lafayette, Louisiana, and reassembled some of his initial Nautilus machines that he had displayed in California a week earlier. Drew Baye: Are you saying that you absolutely have to have help in applying high intensity training the Arthur Jones way? It was the essential basic Heavy Duty routine consisting of four to five sets per bodypart and broken into two workouts. Viators arms reminded me of Popeye, because his hanging forearms appeared disproportionately large and impressive. Once he had reached that stage, Ray would ask his workout partner to assist him in performing another 2 to 3 forced reps while maintaining slow, precise form and controlling the weight. Here is a sample Ray Mentzer style high intensity training workout routine: Monday Ray was forced to wait for a different donor. To change the subject . Heavy Duty: Mike Mentzer's Most Productive Routine, by John Little. Jim Flanagan and I trained Casey for several months in 1978, and helped get his body weight up to 220 pounds, but it was a real chore trying to get him fired-up for the majority of his training sessions. The other project is best described by its working title: Accentuate the NEGATIVE: The Negative Way to Positive Fat Loss. 06-08-2013, 11:15 AM Ray Mentzer Workout Here are some excerpts, from a 1979 interview where Ray talks about his workouts leading up to his Mr. America victory. Ellington Darden: A NTF session is where on each exercise, you stop the set two repetitions short of an all-out effort. Jones was briefly introduced to Viator at the 1970 Mr. America contest in Los Angeles, where Casey placed third. Ray had no choice but to have a replacement kidney due to the severity of the illness. I have repeatedly come across trainers asserting that static contraction is a good second-best for those with limited mobility or other disabilities; I have not seen the research to prove that it should be regarded as second-best at all, nor have I seen anyone cite such research it seems to be just a belief thats out there. Thats an average of 2.85 pounds of muscle a day for 14 days. It was portable so they used it from station to station on a Marcy Multi-unit (similar to a Universal Machine). As the name would suggest, this routine isn't for the light of heart. and a mutual friend told me that Cooper still didnt care for strength training. He was always clear about his goals and diligent in pursuing them. Ray and Mike were putting the finishing touches on their newest training DVD, HIT, on June 9th, 2001. 8/2/53 Died: 6/12/01 Halfway through the photo shoot, I could tell that Carol was quickly getting a handle on the subject matter. They shared an apartment after moving in together, and during the ensuing months, they became closer. Furthermore, he was generally thought of as being anti-strength training, anti-HIT, and anti-Nautilus. Ive experimented with all styles of leg presses and this one is the hardest of all. He was frequently up for a hard workout. No problem, he simply dropped down on one knee in front of Cooper and continued. Here is Mike Mentzer's chest routine: 1. I believe that after you read The New High Intensity Training, you will be too. tasmania cricket team players,

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